RTW - Return to Work

Returm to work
RTW - Return to work

After over year and half of working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic,  corporates are starting to see a light on the horizon. The number of  vaccinated people across the country is expected to increase with  infections slowly trending downwards.

Given the pandemic does not escalate further, corporates will most likely  pull back on restrictions and start thinking about getting employees  back into the office.

Employers hence will need a plan to bring people back to the workplace,  while still supporting employees may continue to work from home.

ConsultTrans’s RTW Support Services can assist you to create and implement your own back-to-the-workplace  plan.

Our solution helps organizations manage  readiness, prepare workforces, and allocate support for a  seamless commute. Our services are uniquely poised to help  you on your journey to re-open your workplace with speed, trust and  confidence.

The models and offerings include right from understanding, planning, assisting in RTW to execution and complete ownership of operations on a MMP (Managed Mobility Model)