Help Desk Management

Help Desk Management
Help Desk Management

Future of work and the workplace stays unpredictable and every individual, team, and organization is trying its best to create the conditions for high performance. In our conversations with organizations, we see every individual and team playing a critical role in helping inspire and support each other to thrive through this turbulence.

This service from CT is not just intended to manage Payroll of the team deployed, however the objective here is to work towards Continuous Process Improvement bringing value by running an efficient SLA based operations through constant guidance and monitoring by consultTrans Leadership and periodical review mechanism in place.

  • Deployment of experienced team on ground
  • Implementation of technology
  • Ownership of SLAs
  • Vendor Management
  • Management of complete operational cycle
  • 100% Compliance and risk mitigation
  • MIS and Dashboards for Periodical reviews
  • Trainings
  • Transport Command Centre

Our unique approach, focused on individual and collective growth, allows us to design innovative Programs for every organization.